Fitness, Sports Medicine & Injury

We provide in-depth treatment and rehabilitation for sports injuries and targeted exercise and fitness routines to prevent injury. Our doctors are trained in many advanced techniques used on elite athletes because we believe everyone deserves the same quality care the pros get.

Exercise and Conditioning

Similar to exercise for recovery after an injury, we also give exercises tailored to condition you for specific sports and activities. This requires a customized balance of flexibility and strength based on your body type and areas of weakness. Whether you are training for your first 5K run or your ultramarathon, we can help you prepare and avoid injury. Even if your goals are modest, training and preparing in the proper way using good biomechanics can set the stage for a productive exercise routine that will not lead to injuries long term or abnormal stress on joints and muscles that cause degeneration and pain.


Kinesiotaping is a technique that was originally developed in Japan, but was perfected in the United States. It is very popular with athletes and uses a colored functional tape to support the muscle, reduce the inflammation from the injury, and retrain the muscle in a proper manner. This technique is great for treating sprained ankles, reducing inflammation, and reducing belly and back pain in pregnant women.

Myofascial Release

In addition to adjustments, techniques such as myofascial release allow chiropractors to relax trigger points/tight muscles and stretch areas of adhesion/scar tissue in the muscle. There are many techniques used to release the muscles from soft slow methods to fast-acting techniques. We choose the right muscle work based on your condition, goals and tolerance. One such method is Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) aka. Graston. This technique treats the fascia, which is a connective layer over your muscles. With injury the fascia around the muscle contracts. IASTM smoothes out the fascia so it can function more effectively. It is a good adjunct to chiropractic care because it’s the extra help our muscles sometimes need in addition to receiving chiropractic adjustments. This technique helps rid patients of pain from a variety of conditions including chronic pain, tension headaches and athletic sprains and strains.

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