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Dr. Juliet Tablak,DC

Dr. Juliet Tablak,DC

Dr. Tablak discovered chiropractic care in her early 20’s after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. It was her chiropractor who helped her navigate that diagnosis and gave her the tools to make choices that supported her health and ultimately changed the outcome of the diagnosis. Her experience with chiropractic care was life changing; it was this experience that made her want to become a chiropractor so that she could help people in the same way she had been helped. Dr. Tablak is committed to helping her patients find the root cause of their problem and empower them with knowledge and skills to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Tablak specializes in Pregnancy, Pre/Postnatal care, and pediatrics. She is trained in the Webster technique (a chiropractic technique for pregnant women to assist with optimal pelvic alignment and help to decrease intrauterine constraint) and Pediatric Cranial techniques. Dr. Tablak is a certified Clinical Nutritionist that practices functional medicine and has a passion for working with Female Hormones, ( PMS through Menopause), Pregnancy and Post natal nutrition and care. Dr. Tablak has also completed advanced training in Sacral Occipital Technique; a gentle treatment for headaches, neck pain, vertigo, sinus pain, jaw pain, and TMJ disorders.

Dr. Tablak also loves helping patients learn how their bodies function and move. She has been a certified Pilates instructor for over twenty years and has helped thousands of people recover from injuries by teaching them how to use their body in the way it was designed. Whether dealing with post-partum issues, wanting to stay fit during pregnancy, healing from an injury or simply wanting to learn more about correct body mechanics Dr. Tablak loves working with patients in this way and offers Pilates rehabilitation sessions in the office.

Dr. Tablak practices a variety of chiropractic techniques to meet the unique needs of each patient. These include: Diversified, Thompson Drop, SOT, Activator, and Manual Muscle Therapies. She believes in a whole body approach, assessing movement, alignment, function and overall nutrition. Dr. Tablak is also a classically trained ballet dancer. and In her free time Dr. Tablak still loves taking ballet class!


Bess Mahaney, Certified Pilates Instructor

Bess did her training with Balanced Body & The Pilates Method Alliance. and has over a decade of experience. She has built and managed Pilates programs while specializing in training and conditioning athletes, post rehab and injury prevention; as well as providing overall conditioning for all populations. Her clientele has included clients with Neurological diseases, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Spondylolisthesis, spinal fusions/injuries, breast cancer and stroke survivors as well as clients with knee/hip replacements, shoulder injuries and pre and post natal women. She has over 10 years previous experience with project management, planning and coordination of corporate products and marketing programs both domestically and internationally, including recruitment of staff, and more recently, developing and managing fitness programs.

"Pilates has changed my life in so many ways. I am passionate about bringing this method to others & helping them become strong, healthy & injury free."

In her spare time Bess enjoys her own Pilates practice, cycling, yoga, golf & movies.

Denise Buslach, CMT

Denise Buslach, CMT

Through my life’s journey having been raised in Seattle and then traveling and living around the world, I have been graced with the opportunity to engage in many discussions with women from different cultures, languages and nationalities.

These interactions bring the realization of how much we, as women, unquestioningly trust and follow allopathic medicine. Adding my own experience of birthing my children at home and in the hospital of and continually encountering issues initiating breastfeeding, I was thrust into learning more and more about these events occurring in my life. Through friends and a great midwife, I was introduced to two excellent books early on in my childbearing years: The Ecology of Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing and Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year. These books provided me personally with a clear path for my own self care while also setting the foundation for further studies into women’s health. From there, I began indirectly coaching women with tips about birthing, questioning their health care specifically during pregnancy and delivery, episiotomies, and lactation etc.

Fast forward to learning the therapeutic benefits of touch and to my new found passion of massage therapy, specifically The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and multiple forms of cupping. I have been able to focus and define my skills towards empowering women with a deeper understanding of their bodies, and hopefully, continual improvement of their health.

We do so much to take care of themselves during pregnancy, but after birth, we are expected to be up and running full speed ahead without looking back regardless of the outcome of our birth experience. Little do we realize that we can be in a state of postpartum years after childbirth as a result of our bodies not given the proper care to get back into a state of physiological balance. This is often manifested as low back pain, menstrual pain, painful sex (experienced by 30% of women) as well as the affects of a multitude of surgical procedures (even noninvasive ones). Yet, women are often told the pain and discomfort we experience is just a fact of life for women, and thus, we are expected to “live with it.” From my studies, connecting the dots that cause discomfort within our bodies has been quite eye opening. I truly believe Arvigo® Therapy, cupping and medical massage are all viable natural therapies that treat the cause rather than the symptoms while assisting women at all stages of their lives using the body’s natural processes to heal and restore their health.

I am a huge proponent of giving back to ourselves and self care should be number one. Starting with and empowering our own hands, we have so many resources available for self care. After all, women are, more often than not, the caregivers, nurturing their children and husband while juggling work and home. No matter how hard we try, we cannot pour from empty cups!

As I meet more women and witness their stories, I am so thankful to be able to relate with women through my own life experiences and honored to be a part of theirs. I look forward to sharing my passion with you."

Lauren Smith Conaway, LMFT, Holistic Psychotherapist

Lauren Smith Conaway, LMFT, Holistic Psychotherapist

If you're looking for a safe, warm and gentle space to find peace and clarity for yourself or your child, I'd love to partner with you in your healing work. My passion is guiding children, teens and adults to develop their inner wisdom and cultivate tools for peace and lasting joy. I utilize a holistic approach for your whole being, addressing mind, body and soul. Together we’ll develop a healing plan with modalities such as Art Therapy, DBT, CBT, Ecotherapy, or Reiki, tailoring treatment to your needs.

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Reiki Practitioner with an emphasis in working with adolescent girls, highly sensitive people, those who struggle with anxiety, and those who struggle with eating disorders. I have gained experience working with children, teens, their families and adults at both my private practice and community mental health agencies. I have worked within elementary and high schools providing individual and group therapy to students. I have also facilitated individual and group therapy for adolescent and adult clients at a number of eating disorder facilities, something I continue to do presently.

I have a passion for this healing work and care deeply about the relationships I form with my clients. I feel honored to help guide anyone who seeks my assistance, and firmly believe there is always hope and possibility for change and healing. Please reach out to me individually with any questions or to schedule a consultation, and I look forward to hearing from you.

You should be out living life to the fullest, not stuck in your home because of health symptoms.

If you are tired of opting out of life experiences because you feel bad, take control of your health today.

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