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Dr. Juliet Tablak,DC

Dr. Juliet Tablak, DC

Dr. Tablak discovered chiropractic care in her early 20’s after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. It was her chiropractor who helped her navigate that diagnosis and gave her the tools to make choices that supported her health and ultimately changed the outcome of the diagnosis. Her experience with chiropractic care was life changing; it was this experience that made her want to become a chiropractor so that she could help people in the same way she had been helped. Dr. Tablak is committed to helping her patients find the root cause of their problem and empower them with knowledge and skills to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Tablak specializes in Pregnancy, Pre/Postnatal care, and pediatrics. She is trained in the Webster technique (a chiropractic technique for pregnant women to assist with optimal pelvic alignment and help to decrease intrauterine constraint) and Pediatric Cranial techniques. Dr. Tablak is a certified Clinical Nutritionist that practices functional medicine and has a passion for working with Female Hormones, ( PMS through Menopause), Pregnancy and Post natal nutrition and care. Dr. Tablak has also completed advanced training in Sacral Occipital Technique; a gentle treatment for headaches, neck pain, vertigo, sinus pain, jaw pain, and TMJ disorders.

Dr. Tablak also loves helping patients learn how their bodies function and move. She has been a certified Pilates instructor for over twenty years and has helped thousands of people recover from injuries by teaching them how to use their body in the way it was designed. Whether dealing with post-partum issues, wanting to stay fit during pregnancy, healing from an injury or simply wanting to learn more about correct body mechanics Dr. Tablak loves working with patients in this way and offers Pilates rehabilitation sessions in the office.

Dr. Tablak practices a variety of chiropractic techniques to meet the unique needs of each patient. These include: Diversified, Thompson Drop, SOT, Activator, and Manual Muscle Therapies. She believes in a whole body approach, assessing movement, alignment, function and overall nutrition. Dr. Tablak is also a classically trained ballet dancer. and In her free time Dr. Tablak still loves taking ballet class!

Dr. Janelle Provost

Dr. Janelle Provost, DC

Dr. Provost graduated Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. She was originally born and raised in Alberta, Canada where she obtained a Bachelor of Kinesiology before moving to California. Falling in love with the beaches, redwoods, and the absence of snow, she’s made the South Bay her home.

It is her mission to cultivate an environment full of respect, empowerment, support, and compassion for everyone who choses to trust her with their most valuable asset: their health.

Dr. Provost has dedicated her career to prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric care. She is Webster Technique certified ( a chiropractic technique for pregnant women to assist with optimal pelvic alignment and help to decrease intrauterine constraint) and utilizes it for all of her pregnant patients. She continues to advance her training with seminars, courses, and studying peer-reviewed research to keep her knowledge and skills up to date. She is currently completing her Perinatal Certification with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). She is also certified in Dynamic Body Balancing (perinatal craniosacral therapy and myofascial unwinding) and has extensive training in pediatric care through the ICPA.

Believing that each person requires an individualized approach to care, she places importance on having a wide range of tools and techniques at her disposal to best help each person. She utilizes techniques such as craniosacral therapy, Webster, activator, cupping, diversified manual adjustments and many others. She’s dynamic in her approach to care making sure to address the root of the problem.

In her free time she enjoys tending to her many plants, traveling, and creating wheel thrown pottery at a local Los Gatos ceramics studio.

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