Prenatal Chiropractic Care: How does it work?

Both Dr. Tablak and I (Dr. Provost) are certified in a specific technique designed for pregnancy called the Webster technique. It is used during pregnancy to attain optimal pelvic alignment. It focuses on balancing the pelvis through gentle adjustments of the joints as well as soft tissue work to important muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This helps create ease for mom and ample space for baby to move and grow.

 Research has shown women who pursue chiropractic care while pregnant have:

  • Less pain during pregnancy and labor
  • Decreased labor time
  • Decreased risk of breech presentation
  • Decreased risk of delivery complications
  • and more

How does it work?

Well, first lets look at an analogy…

The uterus is like a hot air balloon …. Yep, stay with me here! 😂😂


  • The basket is the bony pelvis
  • The balloon is the uterus
  • The strings holding the balloon to the basket are like the ligaments and muscles attaching the uterus to the bony pelvis

Imagine what would happen if you pulled on one of the strings holding the balloon. It would pull to the side and distort the balloon, right? The same happens with the uterus during pregnancy. When there is an imbalance in tightness of the ligaments and muscles they pull on the uterus asymmetrically. This can cause pain for the pregnant mamma and less space for baby to move around. Not only will mom be uncomfortable but this can also be a potential reason baby is breech. 😬

Also, imagine how little space there is in the abdomen when baby gets bigger. When a muscle is tight its larger than when it’s relaxed. When this happens during pregnancy, specifically with the Psoas muscle, it takes up more space than it should in an already cramped environment. 😓 Again lending to less space for the baby to move/grow and pain for the pregnant person.

Similarly, when the sacrum isn’t moving properly it causes an unbalanced pull on the uterus via the ligaments that attach the sacrum to the uterus. Once again we have the same effect of pulling causing less space, pain, and less than optimal room for baby.

With Webster technique we focus on the muscles and ligaments holding the uterus to help maintain balance and optimal space/function. 😁👌💛

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe, effective, and imperative! So if you or someone you know is pregnant, know we are here to help. 💗

~Dr. Provost, D.C.

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