What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercise invented by Joseph Pilates. The exercises are designed to improve body awareness, posture, core strength, flexibility and overall body symmetry. Dr. Tablak uses Pilates in 20 minute rehab sessions with her patients. These sessions can be in conjunction with an adjustment or applied on their own. The intention of these sessions is to help each patient identify existing patterns of movement that may be creating dysfunction and to teach them how to apply new and more functional patterns. Dr. Tablak has noticed when patients do Pilates in conjunction with regular adjustments and healthy nutrition, they are able to hold adjustments longer, break the cycle of pain faster and for good. Returning to any previous activity with greater body awareness, more strength, grace, and power. You can call or email the office to set up an appointment!


Check out Dr. Tablak Teaching T straps on the reformer!

T Straps is a great exercise for improving posture and overall back strength.

Uploaded by Juliet Tablak on 2019-02-25.