Local Health Food Favorites

Did you know you can use whole, unprocessed foods to support your body’s natural detoxification systems? Here is a list of my favorite places to shop and eat in the Bay Area! Because I know → sometimes the hardest part of making better choices is knowing, quite literally, WHERE to start. Here are my go-to places for delicious, nutrient-dense foods:

Grocer + Goddess

Nestled in downtown Los Gatos, Grocer + Goddess is the cutest spot for Saturday or Sunday brunch. Chef Yvonne is famous in Santa Clara County for her gluten-free bakery treats. Yvonne is also the mastermind behind Polenteria – a local gluten-free Italian restaurant that I adore!

Wise Goat Organics

Fermented foods (like sauerkraut) are detox superstars, providing the gut with essential vitamins and beneficial bacteria that aid with digestion. And if you ask me, the best sauerkraut comes from Wise Goat Organics. Owner Mary makes everything with organic ingredients and she never uses sugar or vinegar in the process – just pure, wild fermentation.

Real Food Bay Area

If you’re looking to add raw milk, pasture-raised eggs, nourishing bone broths, and grass-fed tallows to your grocery list, I highly recommend joining Real Food Bay Area. It’s not a brick-and-mortar store, but a CSF (Community Supported Food) network that sources food from local producers. Shop online and your order will be conveniently delivered to a drop site in the Bay Area.

Your Local Farmers’ Markets

Last but not least! We can’t forget your local farmers’ markets. The Campbell, Los Gatos, and Saratoga Farmers’ Markets offer great produce year-round (rain or shine) which is maybe the easiest place to start when it comes to local healthy foods. Plus, farmers’ markets are just plain fun!

You should be out living life to the fullest, not stuck in your home because of health symptoms.

If you are tired of opting out of life experiences because you feel bad, take control of your health today.

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