What is cranial work?


Cranial work is a gentle chiropractic technique that deals with releasing meningeal tension. Each layer has a different name the innermost layer is the Pia Mater, the middle layer is Arachnoid Mater , and the outermost layer is the Dura Mater. These layers cover the brain and the spinal cord which attaches by ligaments to the sacrum (The big triangular bone at the back of your pelvis). When there is tension in the meninges at the cranium this can affect the sacrum and alignment of your pelvis and if there is tension in the meninges at the sacral level this can affect the neck and cranium.

Cranial work helps to balance the meninges and can help an adjustment hold longer. It can also help relieve low back and sacral pain, vertigo, inner ear pain and infections, neck stiffness and tension, headaches, jaw pain, and is gentle enough to help new born babies with issues such as head shape, latching issues, and torticollois (stiff neck that causes the head to tilt to one side).

Most of you have experienced cranial work in the office and now you know why it is so helpful! If you haven’t received cranial work and would like to please let me know at your next visit.  

Cranial work….. more than just a head rub!  


Dr. Tablak

Juliet Tablak