Did you know that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be helped naturally?


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is irritation to the median nerve, which is a nerve that runs down the front of the forearm, underneath a little sheath of tissue at the front of the wrist (called the retinaculum), and into our palm and first 3 fingers. The median nerve is also related to the nerves of our neck. It comes from the lower part of our neck (cervical spine, C6 in particular) and becomes the median nerve in our arm. The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel are caused by inflammation around the nerve. This inflammation makes the space for the nerve (the carpal tunnel) smaller and it becomes compressed. Some of the symptoms are pain in the wrist or hand and numbness or tingling in the wrist, hand and first 3 fingers.

Reasons you may experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are overall inflammation in the body, overuse of hands, forearms and wrists, poor ergonomics while using a computer, and pregnancy. If you are using a computer regularly, try not to rest your wrists on the key board. In the case of a laptop, the flat part underneath the key board. This can irritate the carpal tunnel! If you feel that your body is inflamed, taking supplements to reduce inflammation like fish oils or turmeric and cutting out inflammatory foods in your diet like gluten, sugar, and dairy can help decrease overall inflammation.


I do treat Carpal Tunnel here in the office! I usually look at the whole chain from the wrist to the neck. I check the neck for range of motion and see if we can improve that. I also check the motion, position, and mechanics of the shoulder and the elbow and then look at the wrist. I will adjust the wrist and I usually work on the muscles of the forearm as well, using the Graston tool to break up any scar tissue and decrease inflammation. I also kinesio tape the wrist and sometimes the forearm depending. I give exercises and stretches to do at home and will help you adjust your office or home office ergonomics to help prevent symptoms in the future!


If you are experiencing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel or you are not sure and want to find out if that is what you have, please let me know at your next visit or reach out and make an appointment!!

Dr. Tablak

Juliet Tablak