What are Shin splints and what can I do about them?


Shin splints are typically brought on when someone has intensified their work out suddenly for example, one day deciding to run three miles after not running for a long time. When activity is suddenly increased this can cause micro tears in the muscle and tissue of the anterior tibias muscle, which is what causes the pain that is felt. This muscle is located right on our tibia, or our shin bone.

What is the treatment for shin splints?

Usually, shin splints will resolve on their own over time. In my office I will Graston the affected area and put some kinesiotape on it. Graston helps break up any forming scar tissue that is created by the micro tears. It also helps to bring circulation to the area which can help decrease inflammation and speed up healing time. The kinesiotape will help with proprioception, a fancy word for your brains perception of where your body or a certain body part is in space. When we have an injury, our proprioception becomes slightly muffled making us more prone to a repeat injury. The kinesiotape will also help decrease inflammation. For an at home solution, try ice and lots of rest. You could also use a lacrosse ball to roll out the muscles at the front of the shin.

When starting a new workout program try to gradually ease into the full intensity of the workout to prevent shin splints from happening.
As always if you have any questions or need help with your shin splints please reach out!!

Dr. Tablak

Juliet Tablak