What is Functional Blood Chemistry?


What is Functional Blood Chemistry?

When we get our blood taken it is measured in ranges 20-100, 2%-8% etc, these ranges represent the general population and can be quite big.  When looking at the results of a blood test imagine that you are looking at a bell curve, ideally our blood test results are somewhere in the middle of the bell curve. If we are on the low or high end of the curve this is not optimal health and may be a sign that we have the beginning stages of a health challenge. Catching these system challenges before they turn into a bigger problem is ideal.  Functional blood chemistry looks at blood test results within a smaller more ideal range to help us understand any potential health conditions that may be present.  

Did you know that just from having a regular CBC (complete blood count) blood test you can tell whether your upper and lower digestion are functioning properly and whether or not you have any nutritional deficiencies?  I use functional blood chemistry analysis in the office and am able to help you uncover the root cause of health symptoms. If you have recent blood work  that you would like me to look  at or any questions about functional blood chemistry please reach out or let me know at your next appointment!


Dr. Tablak

Juliet Tablak