What is gluten? Why is it so inflammatory?

Gluten is a protein found in certain grains including wheat and it is what gives dough its elasticity.  

     Wheat in this country has been genetically modified for the last fifty years so there is no wheat in the United States that has not been affected by this. These modifications have made modern wheat resistant to environmental conditions and pathogens. This allows the yield of the wheat plant to be greater but it is creating inflammatory conditions including weight gain and diabetes along with many other digestive conditions in our population.  Most genetically modified wheat has been treated with a chemical called Glyphosate, or commonly known as Round Up. This chemical is water soluble so when it enters our digestive tract it gets absorbed! This is another common reason for gut and immunity issues.  

    Beware of gluten free products! Although gluten free products don’t contain gluten they may contain other starches and synthetic ingredients that contribute to increased blood sugar levels and weight gain along with other digestive issues. As a rule of thumb it is best to eat whole foods, meaning foods that have grown in the ground or in a tree, etc. Always choosing organic and GMO free food is important too! 


Fun Fact: Did you know that everything we actually NEED to eat can be found in the perimeter of the grocery store?! Staying away form the middle isles can improve your health!!


Dr. Tablak

Juliet Tablak