What Is Inflammation?

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a normal part of the healing process. When our body perceives a threat it releases chemicals that increase inflammation to help eliminate the threat. In a healthy body the inflammation decreases after this process, bringing the body back to homeostasis. We need inflammation to heal; the problem is that most bodies are overburdened by toxins (food and environmental )and stress (physical and emotional) because of this the inflammatory process is running all the time and the body can’t keep up with repair, this is called chronic inflammation. Symptoms of chronic inflammation include muscle and joint pain, headaches, foggy brain, feeling bloated and weight gain to name a few. 

When the body is in a chronic state of inflammation it is unable to heal. By reducing the inflammatory burden we can increase the bodies ability to heal. Here in the office I recommend a specific anti inflammatory diet and will use some herbs and whole food supplements to help support the body.  Chiropractic adjustments also help to decrease inflammation and keep the inflammatory process regulated. Decreasing systemic inflammation will lead to feeling healthier, having more energy , sleeping better, improving digestion, and reducing chronic heath issues.

If you think you may have chronic inflammation please reach out or let me know at your next visit!


Dr. Tablak


Juliet Tablak