Intense Athletic Training & It's Effect On Your Gastrointestinal Health.


Did you know that intense athletic training can affect your gastrointestinal health?

Excessive athletic training can affect the gastrointestinal system. Whether you are training for a high endurance event, are an athlete, or have a child that is competing and training regularly in a sport, it is important to give extra support to your digestive system. During intense athletic training our nervous system perceives that the body is under stress which causes the sympathetic nervous system to activate (the fight or flight phase). When this happens blood is pulled from the gut and pushed into the extremities and over time this can create dysfunction in the digestive system.

Consistent activation of the sympathetic nervous system without proper support, recovery, and rest time can lead to an over production of a substance called zonulin. When there is too much zonulin in the GI tract this can lead to separation of the tight junctions that line the intestines. These tight junctions, when intact, allow the intestines to properly absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins effectively. When these separate the intestines become more permeable allowing toxins to travel into the body. This can cause many symptoms such as decreased energy, digestive issues, joint pain, injuries, mood changes, brain fog, and sleep issues. This permeability is commonly referred to as ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’.

The good news is you can support your gut while training and this can prevent dysfunction of the GI tract. Typically I use supplementation and diet modifications to help heal and support the lining of the gut while under intense training. This helps with quicker recovery time, increased energy, gut health, and better performance overall.

If you are doing frequent intense exercise, training for a big athletic event or have a child that competes and trains regularly in a sport, continued support of the GI system is very important!

If you or your child are having any symptoms of digestive dysfunction listed above please reach out or let me know at your next visit!

Dr. Tablak

Juliet Tablak